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Description of Soulbound


Soulbound is an action-adventure game in which you play as the Beastmaster, an intrepid explorer who dares to venture where others do not. While you have seen much of the world, you are not the greatest of warriors. By taming monsters you encounter on your travels, you can use their power and skills against their former allies.
The game takes place in the abandoned city of Caladan, the greatest of ancient states. What was once a city filled with light has now turned into a dark abyss. Tread carefully, for your next step could be your last!

Key Features

Put a team of the right monsters around you to survive
There are different kinds of monsters crawling through the dark corridors of Caladan. Each kind has its own strengths and weaknesses. You have to choose your team carefully if you want to survive.

Use the skills of your monsters to hide your own weakness
In comparison to your enemies you are very weak. Everything depends on how you control your monster and how you use their personal qualities in thrilling fight scenes. Each kind of monster has its own special attack which you can use in times of need to prevent the enemies from taking your life.

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